Speaker Spotlight: Jenessa Roberts

Jenessa Roberts, CPhT, CSPT
Sterile Compounding Quality Manager, Option Care Health

Sterile Compounding 30/30/30: Cleanroom Certification-Customization

Describe your session in a tweet.

Preparing for cleanroom certification? Prioritize staff training and develop a meticulous preparation checklist. Stay compliant, ensure patient safety, and ace that certification! #Cleanroomcertification #NHIA24

What is the most important thing you want attendees to take away from your session?

Planning and being prepared for cleanroom certification are crucial parts of the process. To guarantee all objectives and standards are met, it is imperative that all personnel involved have a clear understanding on how cleanroom certification works prior to the cleanroom vendor arriving onsite.

Excluding your session, what other topics are you passionate about in relation to the home and alternate site industry?

Good Documentation Practices (GDocP), technology related to sterile compounding (IV workflow, robotics, equipment, etc.), microbial monitoring of controlled environments, sterile compounding regulations and compliance.

What are you passionate about outside the home and alternate site infusion industry?

I recently moved to Chicago from Salt Lake City this past March. Much of my free time is spent exploring this great new city. I love to attend concerts, art museums, musical theater performances, and trying new restaurants. However, I still go back and visit Salt Lake City to enjoy downhill skiing in the wintertime.

What is your superpower?

I am a very strategic person, and I can come up with ideas and solutions to problems really quickly. Honestly, even when I get stuck in stressful situations my lightheartedness and laughter is what usually gets me through the tough stuff. I've been told that I have a contagious laugh.

What additional superpower would you like to have and why?

I wish I was one of those people that could multitask in an efficient and successful manner. I'm a very focused and person when I am working on a project. That's really the best AND the worst quality about me. A project is always great when I am done with it, but I struggle with putting my attention and focus on multiple things at once. Multitasking for me sometimes ends up in multi-failing.


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