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Category: Sterile Compounding

The NHIA Conference Powers Content All Year

Sterile Compounding

Speaker Spotlight: Jenessa Roberts

Preparing for cleanroom certification? Prioritize staff training and develop a meticulous preparation checklist. Stay compliant, ensure patient safety, and ace that certification! #Cleanroomcertification #NHIA24

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Sterile Compounding

Speaker Spotlight: Jacob Deitsch

Assigning accurate beyond use dates for compounded sterile preparations ensures patient safety and effective treatment. Join us in this interactive session to learn more.

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Sterile Compounding

Speaker Spotlight: Abby Roth

There are so many sterile compounding myths floating around. We are here to bust those myths and provide best practices to elevate your sterile compounding operation.

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Sterile Compounding

Speaker Spotlight: Jessica Hawkins

If you’re stuck in the headspace of constantly building, moving, and/or renovating your cleanroom, you won’t want to miss this session: “Cleanroom Design: Where to Start”.

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NHIA 2024: Tuesday, March 26 Recap

NHIA announced the recipients of the Exhibitor Innovation Award and Outstanding Abstract Achievement Awards. We also saw several examples of how important it is to make every moment count and how this can impact the lives of your colleagues and especially patients. Attendees engaged in all-new Interactive Workshops in the afternoon and closed the day with an event to honor members of the industry at Banger’s on historic Rainey Street.

NHIA 2024: Monday, March 25 Recap

Monday morning began with a brand-new flow for the NHIA Annual Conference with a high-octane networking breakfast before the General Session. We were fortunate to hear from 9th Secretary of Veterans Affairs David J. Shulkin, M.D., who shared lessons learned during his time in public service leading the largest integrated health care system in the country.

MythBusters: Sterile Compounding Edition

Don’t believe everything that you see, hear, or read. Sterile compounding myths persist because people adopt a “that’s the way we always do it” attitude. Dan Kyes, CPhT, CSPT, BCSCPT, New England Life Care, and Abby Roth, CMQ/OE, Pure Microbiology dispelled a variety of common myths in home infusion compounding at NHIA 2024.

NHIA 2024: Sunday, March 24 Recap

NHIA 2024 convened the largest gathering dedicated to the home and alternate site infusion in Austin for the 5-day event and shattered previous participation records. The event saw more than 1,600 industry professionals register to attend, including over 530 first time attendees.