On-Site Poster Presentation Guidelines

Research Abstract Poster Presentations

NHIF has adopted the poster session at NHIA’s Annual Conference as part of its efforts to advance NHIF’s mission of promoting investigator-initiated research related to home and alternate site infusion. Research in home and alternate site infusion is extremely important to our industry. NHIA applauds your desire to develop and implement research that addresses the complexities of home infusion.

Submission deadline has closed.  Please contact nhiaeducation@nhia.org with any questions.

NHIA Poster Presenter Guide

PLEASE READ the following information before you create your poster. Please keep in mind the following requirements before you invest additional time and resources into the development of a poster. Posters cannot be displayed unless these requirements are met:

  • At least one author from the poster must be registered to attend the NHIA Annual Conference and be available to discuss the poster during the moderated session.
  • In the event an author received acceptance for multiple posters, a different individual must present each poster during the moderated poster session time. An author may not simultaneously lead discussion for more than one poster in the display.
  • Posters must meet the criteria for display as outlined in Section 1 of this guide. Posters found to be in violation of these criteria are subject to removal from the display area.

  1. Poster presentations should incorporate illustrative materials such as tables, graphs, photographs, and large-print text, and materials should be clearly readable from a distance of three feet (primary text font should be at least 20 points or larger, and headings font at least 30 points or larger for readability).
  2. Use caution when incorporating graphic images and photographs to ensure any necessary copyright permission(s) have been secured
  3. All posters must fit on a free-standing bulletin board that is 4 feet tall x 8 feet wide. The average poster is 36-48” tall x 60” wide.